climbing in the Sir Sandord region

Heading into the remote Selkirks for five days to climb and write about Brad Harrison’s summer mountaineering camp

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Angels on Horseback

I was down at the BC Shellfish Festival last weekend researching a story for Salt Magazine on one of my favorite food topics – oysters. What raw and still living organism other than oysters will people line up for more than half an hour to eat?
Or wrapped in bacon and grilled.

oysters wrapped in bacon and grilled - aka, angels on horseback

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When Old Guys Build Trail

Photographer Steve Ogle and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Al Munday and Terry Lewis, two guys who form the core of the River Rats – 60-something dudes that are making a huge impact on the mountain bike trail network around Cumberland. See my story about the River Rats and their masterpiece trails in the 2013 summer issue of Coast Mountain Culture

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Northern Lights Award/Western Canada Magazine Awards

Exciting news! My story Waiting for Fair Weather, a collaboration with photographer Steve Ogle that appeared in British Columbia Magazine last winter , netted a Northern Lights Award from the Canadian Tourism Commission for which they flrew me to New York for the ceremony. A cool honour. The same story is up for an award at the upcoming Western Canada Magazine Awards in Vancouver along with another BC Mag story, All Together on the Great Divide

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Carbon offsets in BC

Check out one of my recent stories on the troubled market for buying and selling carbon offsets in BC

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BC Business story April 2013

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Mt. Fairweather Epic

In May, Steve Ogle, Dean Wagner and I spent two weather bound weeks, with – 40 C temps and ferocious winds,¬†waiting for a window to ascend Mt. Fairweather, the remote peak straddling the Alaska-BC border. At 15,300 feet it’s the highest point in BC. Finally on May 17, a high pressure settled in, temperatures rose to a balmy – 20 C and winds calmed allowing us to make a wonderful nine-hour ascent of this gorgeous dome of ice that towers above Glacier Bay and the Gulf of Alaska. Read about this adventure in an upcoming issue of British Columbia Magazine.

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New articles

See my recently published piece in Coast Mountain Culture’s Summer 2011 issue, On The Line, that explores the potential impacts of the Northern Gateway pipeline and oil tankers on BC’s coast.

In the British Columbia Magazine’s 2011 Summer issue I retrace a hiking route walked with my dad 37 years ago in the story All Together on the Great Divide.

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Environmental Assessment in BC is Weak

At a time when high metal prices have sparked a boom in mineral exploration, B.C. needs a robust environmental assessment process. Check out my piece in in the November 24, 2011 issue of the Georgia Straight to find out what the critics are saying about the ever weakening provincial and federal environmental reviews.

The long term impacts of acid rock drainage on rivers and streams is a major problem for the mining industry

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Recent releases

A, shall we say, prolonged absence from my news blog page but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. In the November issue of Avenue Magazine I delved into the crossroads between risk and adventure. Check it out at

Steve O on the wall above Koh Phi Phi

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